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Nice Gauges Dude! : Tips and Info to "Stretching" Earlobes.

Now...I can't recall how many times I've heard this saying, but I can sure say its been a TON.

Even if you don't pertain to this particular subject, it's always fun to learn something new. (Plus if you have some friends with stretched earlobes, you can correct them!!)

Some people out there are very misinformed about the process of stretching earlobes.

Huh? You've never heard of ear stretching you say? Well....
Ear stretching is a way literally stretch the skin of your ear lobe by gradually increasing the size of the jewellery you wear in it. There should always be a gap of 1 1/2 - 2 Months before the next stretch, so there can be a rest period. 

I started stretching my earlobes since Senior Year '08, and I'm currently at 7/16" on both.

The following is mostly going to circle around MY personal tips and information about the process...

As you can see, stretching ears have always been popular but I feel the trend has escalated and it is very common to see individuals with them. The following are the simple steps to achieve stretched earlobes:

Steps to Stretching Earlobes

1. First step is to get your ear or ears pierced by a professional. Find a place in the mall.
Claire's does it for cheap.

2. Wait until your ears are fully healed (about 2 months after getting pierced.) Buy either a 1.6mm or 1.2mm straight titanium body bar. Look for help at local tattoo shops, malls, and if no other option Hot Topic.
Slowly insert the bar through your pierced ear, at first it may seem like it won't go but with a little effort (wiggling), it will go through.

3. Like before, after your ear has healed from the first stretch (rest period of at 2 weeks), insert the smallest (18mm or 16mm) size earring/taper and start from there.
(Above: Pinchers)
Check out eBay for stretching kits.
Buy in bulk to save money: Ear Stretching Set, brings both tapers and plugs.

4. Continue in this way until you reach your desired size. Always leave at least two weeks between each stretch and always only go up to the next size.
If you get to a point where it is getting difficult to increase in size, stop what you are doing. Use oil or specific ear cream, never force a stretch.

FYI: 0g is normally seen as the "point of no return" as over this size there is a significant risk that the hole will never shrink back to the size of the original piercing

The following are personal tips/suggestions:


First of all, let's end this ignorance of "Nice Gauges Bro!"
Gauges are NOT Plugs, they are a size/measurement.

An example, We don't call Jeans inches now do we? (at least I hope you don't >.>)

Second, Stretching is not a race! Start off small and increment slowly. DO NOT SKIP SIZES.
If you want to keep your ears healthy and avoid Blowouts (see pic to the left.)

Blowouts basically mean, you dun goofed.
You stretched too fast, you weren't ready and you're going to have scar tissue build up.

SO LISTEN UP AND LISTEN GOOD, slow and steady wins the race.
  • Start from 18 or 16mm and go up to the next size: 16mm, 14mm, 12mm, 10mm etc.

  • Do use tapers but DO NOT leave them in the earlobe, quickly insert plugs once you reach the end of the taper.

[In all seriousness...In case blowouts happen, I suggest downsizing and constant warm salt soaks. Look online for other tips.]

Third and most importantly,  
Learn how keep your earlobes nice and healthy :)

1. Wash them constantly, Good place is in the shower every morning. Take off plugs, tunnels etc. and wash with soap.

2. Maintain those healthy ear lobes with special ear care creams/oils. I highly recommend these on a daily basis:

Holey Butt'r: Contains a natural blend of emollients and moisturizers including Karanja oil, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, and Soy wax.

Jojoba Oil: Jojoba oil is recommended to beautify, protect, and maintain your organic body jewelry including wood, stone, horn, and bone. (VEGAN FRIENDLY)

Emu Oil: Proven to no clog pores, allowing the skin to breath during the healing process. Emu oil is rich in nurtriets and hastens the healing process after stretching. 
Emu oil is also a natural emollient keeping the skin moist and pliable.

3. Try using organic wood plugs, keeps that ear cheese away and that god awful stink you get using steel tunnels. Your earlobes will love you for it :)

That's it for now! 
To those considering stretching, now you know right from wrong and I wish you good luck!
Thanks for reading and hope this is well informed.

My next post will consists on different online companies, brands and different styles of "jewelery".

Stay tuned! 

I'll end it with a few pictures of me wearing my favorites...

Bloodwood Ondas

Ebony Trumpeters

 Kaos Skin Eyelets (Black)


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