Sunday, March 20, 2011

The return of T-Bag

And by that I mean the Character from Prison Break (get your mind out of the gutters!)

One of my favorite (besides John Abruzzi) characters from Prison Break, Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwel is going to bring back the role in A&E´s new series "Breakout Kings". He is raw, witty and just overall an EVIL BADASS!

The show´s plot is basically about a squad of U.S. marshals who team up with ex-cons to work together on tracking down prison escapees.
"It takes a con to catch a con." - Breakout Kings

Hopefully the show will get good ratings, as I am a big fan of Prison Break and was instantly hooked! The series lasted from 2005-2009. Breakout Kings was created by former writers/producers of Prison Break, so I´m pretty psyched to see it tonight.

It premieres on A&E TONIGHT (SUNDAY, MARCH 20) at 10pm.
I hope you guys get a chance to watch and leave feedback if you can.


  1. lol sorry for the 2nd video, ill try and fix it later...enjoy guys!

  2. I've never actually watched Prison Break. I've been meaning to for a while now...


  3. i fell for the mind so dirty ^^

  4. Erika, I suggest you watch 5 episodes and see if it catches your attention. IMO I loved it, some of my friends did not...I started watching it on netflix, but I don't know how long it will be avaiable for instant stream.

  5. Show was meh, only reason I watched it was because of T-bag <3

    I'm finding shows a little dull lately...
    Any recommendations/suggestions?

  6. just BARELY started watching prisonbreak, and i absolutely HATE T-bag

  7. Very interesting. Followed!

  8. he may be a badass. but jason statham kicked his ass.

  9. That is awesome, I loved that character too!


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