Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pushing through the crowd

With being in a band under my belt, I am constantly trying to search for new music.

Trying to hear the voices of the local scene and its Melodic, entrancing lyrics, and atmospheric tones...

I stumbled upon a local Miami band by the name of MorningWar, an indie/progressive band. 

I had a chance to see them perform live at Sweat Records, located in downtown Miami, and it was just a pleasure seeing a group with such energy and poise.

The band released their debut album "The Front Room Ep" in June 2010.
They wrote and produced the album themselves and recorded/mixed and mastered by Mario De Los Santos of MorningWar.

They are constantly playing places and two members of the group have started their own solo project:

Mario De Los Santos: Telescope Thieves
Selim Castillo: Selim Castillo

I can really see them going places, I can only wish them the best.
And I encourage everyone to go out and check out the local scene, you never know what's out there.


  1. damm you are from miami!? What a nice place to live in!

  2. Yeah! :)

    The scene is pretty fun and we never run out of sun.

    (yes I meant to rhyme >.<)

  3. hey nice article I will be doing one in late april about my friends band we are one, you should check the out. also white men with red beards who talk about cocky drummers are not nice men


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